Monday, March 28

Honda N360 N600 Z360 Z600 Life Civic JDM Fender Mirrors

A pair of used fender mirrors taken off a Honda Life.
1st generation Civic uses similar mirrors. The difference being the mountings.
This one uses a nut and bolt put through the hole at the bottom of the stalk.
Missing the black plastic gaskets. 

Price: USD180 shipped worldwide. SOLD
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Tuesday, March 22

1978 - 1982 Toyota Starlet KP60 KP61 KP62 JDM Tail Lights

A pair of tail lights for the 1978 - 1982 Toyota Starlet 60-series (bug eyes model included).
Lights are complete but without light-to-car body gasket.
The lenses need polishing though.
LH side signal lense has a small crack.
Otherwise good.
Selling as is.

Price: USD180 shipped worldwide. SOLD
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Mitsubishi Colt Galant Valiant Dodge Colt A51 A52 A53 A54 GS Hardtop Dog Bone Tail Lights

A pair of tail lights for the first generation Galant hardtop two-door.
Lights are complete but have no centre panel/garnish.
Need repainting and polishing though.
LH side reverse light lense has a small crack.
Otherwise good.
Selling as is.

Price: USD180 shipped worldwide.
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Isuzu Opel Holden Gemini Tacho Dash Gauge Cluster TC TD TX Tachometer RPM

Early Gemini tacho gauge dash with working tachometer and kph speedometer.
Off a RHD Gemini but of course you just use the tachometer in your LHD Gemini cluster.
The clear plastic cover is not perfect. You can use your old plastic cover (but it has a hole for the clock adjuster) or ask plastic shop to make a new one.

Price: USD220 shipped worldwide. SOLD
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Friday, March 4

Datsun Nissan Cedric 430 Laurel Skyline C210 Fog Lights

A pair of unmounted (no original boxes/packaging though) fog light for old Nissan/Datsun.
I am not sure the exact model this was made for but I found similar fog lights fitted to C210 (similar brackets, installed upside down thus has upside down Nissan written on it, see photo below), also installed into Cedric/Gloria 430 front metal bumper (no grille on the fog light), to 240Z etc with a few design differences.
Of course you can modify to fit them to other Nissan models too.

Comes complete with interior switch and some wires.

Please not a bracket bolt is missing but of course you can replace it with any similar bolt.

Posted Image

Price: USD230 shipped worldwide. SOLD

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Nissan Skyline R30 DR30 HR30 Silvia S110 Chrome JDM Fender Mirrors Guard Mirrors

A pair of genuine motorized fender mirrors for the Nissan Skyline R30-series.
Also fitted to Silvia S110 and if I remember correctly, Pulsar N12 (black finish) too.
Mirrors are good. Chrome is good but will benefit from a little polishing.
Body made of plastic, not metal.
Complete assembly. 
Motors are working but the wires are cut (see photos) so you will need to solder some wires in.
Doesn't come with the interior switch which you can replace with a door mirror switch.

Can of course be fitted to other old school cars.

Price: USD370 shipped worldwide. SOLD

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Datsun 510 Bluebird 1600 SSS Combination Signal/Parking Light Lenses JDM USDM

A pair of full amber genuine Nissan (JDM, USDM) front signal light lenses for the Datsun 510. Fit 1970 - 1972 models only.
Used but good condition. No cracks.
Only one gasket.
Item part numbers : IKI 3003L & IKI 3003R.

Price: USD120 shipped worldwide. SOLD

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Thank you!