Sunday, December 6

Parts for Old Cars

Hello! Welcome to my blog.

I'm listing here parts for old cars I have for sale. Some are NOS (new old stock). Most are for old Japanese cars. Old here means late 60s to early 90s. I'm not much into older/classic/vintage cars.

Some parts I will ship worldwide some will be sold locally only (Malaysia). Long and large parts like fender, bumpers, long grille are very expensive to ship overseas as they require shipping by express service.

You can also request for parts. Just post what you're after in the comment section of post directly below this post. There's no guarantee that I will find what you're looking for but I quite regularly visit local wreckers/scrapyards/used part shops so I'll see if they have what you're after. I'm not doing this full time like some people do, I just have a deep interest in old cars.

The latest post starts two posts below this one. 

Update June 2013: International postage cost from Malaysia has increased significantly. New rates will be applied from now on. 

Saturday, December 5

Parts Request

If there's anything you need that is hard to find where you live, I could try find one for you here. There's no guarantee that I'll find it but may worth giving it a shot.

Just post a comment with what you're after. Please put links to picture of said item, it will help me a lot in finding it.

Wednesday, January 30

Parts I Found (updated 02/02/2011)

I will update this post regularly as I found/bought more interesting parts. I will post photos. I may not buy all parts photo'd. If there is anything interesting you want, you can post a comment or email me at sharmcos(at)gmail(dot)com

Saturday 29 January 2011

Accompanied my brother to somewhere quite far from where I live and had the chance to stop to browse through a few used parts shop.

Here's a list of what I bought (photos later):

  • Galant GA A52 GSII round-type gauge cluster with tacho (very rare, JDM only)
  • Same as above but no tacho
  • 1971-on Datsun 510 1600 SSS gauge cluster
  • 1968/69 Datsun 510 1600 SSS gauge cluster. Very rare and very heavy (metal surround)
Also found a bunch of genuine NOS parts for Datsun Stanza/Violet/Auster PA10 parts including:
  • Front discs
  • Coupe (KPA10) tail lights but all are RH
  • Various switches, relays
  • Various badges, emblems
  • Full chrome bumpers, available in pairs
  • Round headlight grilles
  • Door rubbers (possibly windscreen rubbers as well)
  • A few more which I don't remember :P
Also NOS grilles for Violet P710 and various genuine NOS body parts/repair sections for Datsun 810/180B/200B which includes:
  • Coupe (KP810) rear quarters
  • Doors
  • Fenders
  • Emblems
Interestingly enough the 810 was never officially sold here so I don't know where these parts came from! And who would buy them? I only ever saw one 810 sedan in my hometown.

Some photos of 810 parts.

PA10 Discs. Most boxes have collapsed.

PA10 grille. There are over 10 pieces more still in the original boxes.

A mountain of used grilles!

Galant A52 GSII Hardtop Round Gauges. Very very rare! SOLD.

1969 Datsun 1600 510 SSS Gauge Cluster. Very rare. SOLD.

16 February 2011:

Early Datsun 1600 510 fender signals/side markers. The LH one is new and comes with the Nissan box. The LH was found without a box and had the tips of the wires cut so they could be used, not new.


Thursday, January 21

Toyota Celica XX RA40 TA40 2000GT Celica Supra RA60 MA60 JDM Fender Mirrors

A pair of genuine motorized fender mirrors for the Celica 40- & 60-series
Mirrors are good. Chrome is good probably need a little polishing.
Complete assembly. Only missing the interior switch which you can replace with door mirror switch.
I have not tested the motors. Will test them and update the listing.

(Update: Motors are working).

Similar mirrors were fitted to other Toyota models such as Corolla KE35 and Celica TA35 but those have shorter stalks. 

Can of course be fitted to other old school cars.

USD280.00 shipped worldwide

E-mail sharmcos (at) gmail (dot) com for details.

Honda N360 GSS JDM Steering Wheel Life N600 Z360 Z600

A 3-spoke Honda N360 GSS steering wheel. Fits most, if not all, old school Honda models.
Good condition. No tear on the handle grip.

USD250 shipped worldwide.

E-mail sharmcos (at) gmail (dot) com for details.

Toyota Corolla KE30 KE35 Celica TA35 Carina TA40 JDM Fender Mirrors

A pair of genuine motorized fender mirrors.
I'm not sure from which exact model this pair was taken off but this short stalk version was fitted to a variety of Toyota models like KE/TE30-series, Celica TA35 and Carina TA40, to name a few.
Mirrors are good. Chrome is good but a little polishing will help.
Missing one spring cover and the wires on RH were cut but part of the wire that lead to the motor are still there. 
Doesn't come with the interior switch which you can replace with door mirror switch.
Motors are working.

A good alternative to expensive TE71 GT fender mirrors 

Can of course be fitted to other old school cars.

USD260.00 shipped worldwide.

E-mail sharmcos (at) gmail (dot) com for details.

Datsun Nissan Cedric 430 Laurel Skyline C210 Fog Lights

A pair of unmounted fog light for old Nissan/Datsun.
I am not sure the exact model this was made for but I found similar fog lights fitted to C210 (similar brackets, installed upside down thus has upside down Nissan written on it, see photo below), also installed into Cedric/Gloria 430 front metal bumper (no grille on the fog light), to 240Z etc with a few design differences.
Of course you can modify to fit them to other Nissan models too.

Comes complete with interior switch and some wires.

Please not a bracket bolt is missing but of course you can replace it with any similar bolt.

USD260 shipped worldwide.

E-mail sharmcos (at) gmail (dot) com for details.