Tuesday, January 25

Toyota Corolla KE10 KE11 KE15 KE17 Front Grille

One set of KE1x chromed front grille including original headlamp surrounds (made by Aisan).
This is not the type normally found on KE1x.
Chrome is very good for its age.
Badge is missing.

One bar had snapped but can be easily welded or maybe soldered back in place. (see photo below).

Sorry for dark/poor quality pics:

One bar snapped but unnoticeable when fitted.

Price is AU$150 shipped by airmail to Australia. To other countries please ask.

Mitsubishi Colt Lancer LB A70 A71 A72 A74 A75 Tacho Gauge Cluster

Up for grab is a set of rare and hard to get tacho dash for the Colt Lancer LB.
This set was off a JDM equivalent of the Lancer LB.
No, it is not Lancer LC Coupe/Celeste cluster.
It consists of the main cluster (speedometer and tachometer) and a set of smaller gauges 
(fuel and temperature gauges. There should be a voltmeter also but was already missing 
when I got hold of this set).
Also included is a two-gauge pod to house the voltmeter and a gauge that takes your fancy.
All the wiring harnesses are there including a rear screen demister switch.

The face of the main cluster gauges have surface rust. Probably due to water vapour that 
gets inside. There's no trace of water getting inside though. So this need to be redone. 
I've seen people actually turn the colour of the face from black to another colour but I don't 
know how it was done but it's possible, without touching the original white letterings.

I'm treating this set as a junk as I have not tested it. A junk that is worth saving due to its 

Price is AU$50 only.

Shipping to Australia by airmail is AU$23. To other countries please ask.

Payment by Paypal only please.

P/S: I do have the garnish/cover/trim but it is obviously expensive to ship and you can use your old one.

Monday, January 24

Datsun 1200 B110 Ute Fender/Guard Mirrors

A pair of used fender mirrors for the JDM B110 ute.
Also used by lots of the Sunny TS racers.
Need a new paint to look great.
Mirrors are OK.
AU$80 shipped by airmail to Australia. Other countries may cost a little more. Please ask.

Sunday, January 23

Holden Gemini Isuzu 117 Coupe JDM Fender/Guard Mirrors

A pair of hard to get fender/guard mirrors off a JDM Isuzu 117 Coupe. Very similar to that of JDM Isuzu Gemini (harder to get). Comes complete with anchorage. If I'm not mistaken, there's a version of FWD Mazda 323 using the same mirrors.

Need a touch of paint here otherwise ready to install

Price AU160 shipped by airmail to Australia and most other countries. Far away countries in the Americas may cost a bit more to post so please for a quote if you are from there.

Thank you.

Mazda 1000 1200 FA3TS JDM RX3-style Honeycomb Front Grille

JDM Grille for the FA3TS. Rarer and harder to get than RX3 grille!
Very good condition. No cracks.
Been sprayed black but original colour is still visible underneath.
'Mazda' badge had broken mounts and glued in place. Unnoticeable.

Original colour visible underneath

AU$650 shipped to Australia or New Zealand. To other country please ask as shipping for long items like this is via EMS only and it is expensive! This is a good price. I know some people had sold them for AU$2000!


Please ask if you have any question. Anything at all. Either email me or leave a comment.

Thank You

Saturday, January 22

Mazda 323 GLC Bugeye JailBar Grille

Two pieces of jailbar front grille for Mazda 323 GLC bugeye. 

The top one is missing the 'Mazda' badge and the chromed linings had been sprayed chrome. I've cleaned one of the side chrome lining and the chrome comes out good. It has a little crack on the inside of bottom bar. One of the jail bars is snapped at the bottom but can be easily plastic-welded back in place or using adhesive. See photos below.

The bottom grille is complete but has the top bar repaired probably due to a knock.

Price is AU$160 each or AU$300 for both shipped by airmail to Australia.
To any other country please ask for a quote.

Update: Both grilles sold.

I have two more grilles for sale here:


Wednesday, January 19

Mitsubishi Colt Galant GA GB, A51 A52 A54 Dodge Colt Tacho Dash Cluster 69 - 74

This for the later model, with a different, bigger dashboard. Australia has the older style dashboard throughout the entire years of production so this cluster won't fit Australian Galant GA/GB unless you have the full dashboard as well. I do have access to a JDM Galant 16L complete dashboard but it's too expensive to ship overseas.

There are two gauges:

Fits this type of dashboard

The top one is working fine. The bottom one's tacho needle only moves a bit when tested. Tachometer rarely fails so I guess it can be repaired. I was told sometimes you only need to give the mechanism a little spray of WD40 or just give the needle a little push then it works fine. Anyway I'm treating that one as a junk and you can have it for US$30 if you bought the other one for US$150 shipped anywhere in the world.

As usual payment is by Paypal. Shipment is via airmail and takes up to 14 working days to arrive in most countries.


Saturday, January 8

Nissan Bluebird U12 & Sentra 200SX B14 Instrument Gauge Clusters

These are not mine and not really olskool. If you are interested let me know. I can get them for you. 

Update: No longer available for sale.

Friday, January 7

Nissan Datsun Vanette C22 Van Tacho Gauge Cluster

Very rare and nice C22 gauge cluster with tachometer.

US$190 shipped worldwide.  No longer available.
Sold as is.

Mitsubishi Colt Galant Lancer Chrysler Valiant Steering Wheel

This steering wheel fits all of old Lancer, Galant including the GTO and Celeste (LC Coupe).
The metal part need a new layer of paint as there are surface rust spots. The handle is good, no tear except for some 'dots' at one part at the back of the handle which were due to a perforated steering cover that had been used in the past.

There's a chip at the centre logo and a small fabric with a logo that indicates horn below it has gone. Otherwise very good.

AU$90 shipped to Australia. To other countries may cost more so please ask.
Sold as is.

Mitsubishi Colt Lancer GSR LA A71 A72 A75 200kph Gauge Cluster

This is, as far as I know is identical to 1600 GSR except that his one hasn't got a tachometer. 
The 200kph is rare, this is the only one I found and in great condition. 

Price is US$160 shipped anywhere in the world.
Sold as is.
SOLD together with a rare GSR cluster.

Monday, January 3

Datsun 1200 Sunny 120Y A12 A14 A15 Vanette Oval Port Inlet Manifold

Four available - 2 drop-downs (G51) and 2 normals (H95)

AU$150 each
AU$290 for any two
AU$430 for any three
AU$570 for all four.

Prices include shipping to Australia by airmail. To any other country please ask for a quote.

PM or email me if interested (sharmcos at gmail dot com)
Payment by Paypal only please.

Description (please refer pics below):

1. H95 non-EGR (SOLD)
2. H95 non-EGR
3. G51 drop-down non-EGR (SOLD)
4. G51 drop-down EGR components removed.

Saturday, January 1

Toyota Corolla TE71 TE72 Liftback 190kph Gauge Cluster

This cluster has a 190kph speedo instead of the usual 90mph/145kph speedo. 
Some harnesses are still attached at the back.
Off a right hand drive car.
Not sure if it fits left hand drive car.

Condition: Used
Price: USD50, excluding shipping (please ask for a quote).
Payment Method: Paypal to sharmcos(at)gmail(dot)com
Condition of Sale: Sold as is.