Friday, April 27

Mazda 323 GLC Jail Bar Grilles Jailbar

It took me well over a year to find more jail bar grilles. Obviously they are getting rarer lol

Now I have two grilles for sale, both in original plastic colour i.e. never been painted.
Both complete with chrome trims and badges.

There's only one minor damage on each grille. Refer photos below please:

Top grille has one slight crack at its bottom bar. Grille still retains shape though i.e not bent.

Bottom grille has a chip to one of its mounting point. Should pose no problem when fitting to car.

AUD350 shipped each or AUD685 shipped for both to Australia or New Zealand.
To any other country please ask.
Payment by Paypal only please.


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  1. Hi
    Do you still have a Mazda jail bar for sale?
    Please email me.