Tuesday, January 25

Toyota Corolla KE10 KE11 KE15 KE17 Front Grille

One set of KE1x chromed front grille including original headlamp surrounds (made by Aisan).
This is not the type normally found on KE1x.
Chrome is very good for its age.
Badge is missing.

One bar had snapped but can be easily welded or maybe soldered back in place. (see photo below).

Sorry for dark/poor quality pics:

One bar snapped but unnoticeable when fitted.

Price is AU$150 shipped by airmail to Australia. To other countries please ask.


  1. would you be willing to take $100 just for the headlight surrounds?

  2. Hmm ok that sounds fair.
    You can send payment to Paypal email address sharmcos(at)gmail(dot)com. Please note I'll only be able to post on Tuesday 2nd August as Monday the 1st is a public holiday. Thanks

  3. Alright, headlamp surrounds sold. Grille still available, at a reduced price of course. I'll post the items tomorrow Jono1111