Saturday, January 22

Mazda 323 GLC Bugeye JailBar Grille

Two pieces of jailbar front grille for Mazda 323 GLC bugeye. 

The top one is missing the 'Mazda' badge and the chromed linings had been sprayed chrome. I've cleaned one of the side chrome lining and the chrome comes out good. It has a little crack on the inside of bottom bar. One of the jail bars is snapped at the bottom but can be easily plastic-welded back in place or using adhesive. See photos below.

The bottom grille is complete but has the top bar repaired probably due to a knock.

Price is AU$160 each or AU$300 for both shipped by airmail to Australia.
To any other country please ask for a quote.

Update: Both grilles sold.

I have two more grilles for sale here:

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