Saturday, December 5

Parts Request

If there's anything you need that is hard to find where you live, I could try find one for you here. There's no guarantee that I'll find it but may worth giving it a shot.

Just post a comment with what you're after. Please put links to picture of said item, it will help me a lot in finding it.


  1. can u find for me a whole body of kpgc10 gtr sir? ;)

  2. Sure I've sold a few complete KPGC10 in 1:24 scale

  3. the grill I have posted here is a JDM 68-72 Datsun Bluebird grill. I am looking for one.

  4. Girlsq8: C210 parts.. we only have the short nose 180K sedan version of the C210 over here. Please state specifically what you are looking for.

    Eugene: Those late model JDM grilles are very hard to find and very expensive over here too.

  5. Twin Carb needed... either DCOE40 or PHH40... serious buyer... give sms to +966534419068 (saudi tapi orang mesia)

  6. Ada kawan nak jual PHH40. Emel hakimy_ramly at yahoo dot com

  7. Hi, do you have 180b fenders/guards i need some spares?

    how much plus shipping to australia?

  8. Sorry Ben I don't have them.
    Shipping for items that large will be via EMS or courier service only which is expensive.
    I've never done that yet.

  9. Hi,

    For Toyota Corolla KE30/KE35/TE31/TE37 etc
    a) Rear bumper
    b) Interion Central Console
    c) Any body panels (rear quarter panel are needed the most)

    Feel free to provide any part that you might have for this model.


  10. I have not seen rear quarter panels for sale anywhere here. Also shipping for panels and bumpers are very expensive. May not be worth it. I could find a centre console though. Sold a few of those before.

  11. Hi

    Looking for chrome look plastic trim for roof gutter for a 79 ke30 3door.

    Can you locate any of the 4 pieces

  12. Are request still available? If so in the market for 240z Jdm fender mirrors (black)

  13. Chasing ke30 bumper bars front and back

  14. Hi... Searching for 1978 - 1982 Toyota Starlet KP60 KP61 KP62 JDM Tail Lights. A pair of tail lights for the 1978 - 1982 Toyota Starlet 60-series.
    I see you've sold them before, please let me know when you find another set.