Tuesday, December 14

Toyota Starlet KP60 KP61 Tacho Dash

Instrument clusters with tachometer for the non-drop hatch rwd Starlet 1980-83. There are three units. The top two pictured are OK but the bottom one is considered junk - the tachometer needle feels heavy. May be the mechanism is a bit rusty, needs a little spray of WD40.

US$75 each for the top two and $30 for the bottom one. Or if you buy both the top two, I'll throw in the third one for free. Prices don't include shipping which vary by country so please ask for shipping cost to specific country.

Tacho dash for a drop hatch KP60/1/2 available on request.

Thank You



  1. I would like to ask you about the way of payment so as to buy 1 item of the above.Please reply my demand as soon as possible, in order to purchase it on time.
    I am looking forward for your answer.

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