Monday, June 20

Olskool Emblems & Logos

Have a few emblems/logos up for grab. Click photo to enlarge.

1. Galant Sigma logo. AU$12.
2. Galant emblem. Off a late model Sigma if I'm not mistaken. AU$13
3. Galant emblem. Not sure off which model. Has a small crack on letter 'L'. AU$10
4. Same as item 3 but no crack. AU$13
5. Galant GS II fender logo. Broken into two, need adhesive. Off a GC/GD Galant. AU$18
6. Opel emblem taken off an Opel Gemini (TE/TF/TG equivalent). AU$12
7. Gemini emblem taken off same car as in item 6 above. AU$18
8. Lancer LA/LB front bonnet logo. New but repro. AU$17
9. Bluebird PA10 GX grille emblem. AU$10
10. Honda Prelude emblem. Not sure which model. AU$10
11. Gemini fender and bootlid emblem (3 fitted on a car). New but need some cleaning. AU$18 each or AU$50 for all three.

All prices are inclusive of worldwide postage by registered post.
Please also note that some items have missing mounting points at the back. 

Payment by Paypal only to sharmcos(@)gmail(dot)com

Thank You.

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