Thursday, February 9

Nissan Laurel Hardtop KC30 C30 JDM Bullet Fender Mirrors

I have another set of Laurel KC30 fender mirrors. Complete assembly. Also fits Laurel C30 sedan. The stalks are angled so that they fit upright on the C30 fender slope. Will also fit other cats with flat top fenders but you will need to fit on opposing sides i.e. fits LH mirror on RH fender and RH mirror on LH fender. Fitted this way the mirrors will lean out at about 45 degrees.

The top half (mirror and its housing) are the same as those fitted to Datsun 510 (chrome), Fairlady S30Z (matte black).

Pretty hard to find especially complete. This is only the second set I found in years.

USD$350 shipped worldwide. SOLD
Payment by Paypal to sharmcos(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. Interested in these, are you still selling them?

  2. Yes. You can email me directly at sharmcos(at)gmail(dot)com