Tuesday, June 4

Toyota Corolla K-series 3K 4K 5K Electronic Distributor

Used electronic distributor for the Toyota K-series engine found in the rear wheel drive Corollas. Was working fine prior to removal. I think this is a genuine Toyota item, the electronic is Hitachi and the cap has a Made In Japan stamped on the underside.

Price: USD55.00 SOLD
Will ship worldwide. USD15 to Australia, USD20 to the USA. To any other country please ask for a quote.

Payment by Paypal only please.


  1. Hello my name is juan antonio and live in the Canary Islands I have a kp61 starlet and am looking for parts I'm interested in the distributor, can I sell it, you have something more for my car?

  2. Yes of course. What year is your KP61 and what parts you are looking for? Email me at sharmcos @ gmail . com (without spaces)