Thursday, January 21

Toyota Corolla KE30 KE35 Celica TA35 Carina TA40 JDM Fender Mirrors

A pair of genuine motorized fender mirrors.
I'm not sure from which exact model this pair was taken off but this short stalk version was fitted to a variety of Toyota models like KE/TE30-series, Celica TA35 and Carina TA40, to name a few.
Mirrors are good. Chrome is good but a little polishing will help.
Missing one spring cover and the wires on RH were cut but part of the wire that lead to the motor are still there. 
Doesn't come with the interior switch which you can replace with door mirror switch.
Motors are working.

A good alternative to expensive TE71 GT fender mirrors 

Can of course be fitted to other old school cars.

USD260.00 shipped worldwide. SOLD

E-mail sharmcos (at) gmail (dot) com for details.

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