Tuesday, July 12

Toyota Corona ST170 Celica XX TA40 2000GT Celica Supra RA60 MA60 Fender Mirrors

A pair of genuine motorized fender mirrors taken off a JDM Toyota Corona ST170.
Similar to Celica 40- & 60-series fender mirrors (long stalk). The difference is the wedge-shaped black plastic base. You may need to trim this to get the correct angle if fitted to other models.
Mirrors are good. Chrome is good.
Complete assembly. 
Motors are working fine. No switch though but you can use normal door mirror switch.

Similar mirrors were fitted to other Toyota models such as Corolla KE35, TE56 and Celica TA35 but those have shorter stalks. 

Can of course be fitted to other old school cars.

Price: USD270 including postage worldwide. SOLD
To buy or for further info please e-mail: 

Thank you.

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